Welcome Fall 2019 Medical Billers!

We have a lot of work to do!  You will be doing your chapter reviews and checking your own answers.  This work will help prepare you for the quizzes and for the optional NCCT certification exam.  NOTE:  To apply for the NCCT "Nationally Certified Insurance and Coding Specialist" exam, go to www.ncctinc.com.  To apply online, you must apply PRIOR to graduation.  After graduation you will need to mail your application with a copy of your certificate of completion.  In order to take the exam on the Simi Adult School campus, you MUST take the exam less than 6 months from your graduation.  Exam dates are listed in the course catalog. 

The New Claim Form 1500 CMS (fill out for homework) Click here

NUCC Instructions for the New Claim Form 1500 CMS Click here

claim forms completed answers, chapter 15:

15-01  15-02  15-03  15-04  15-05  15-06  15-07  15-08  15-09  15-10

15-11  15-12  15-13  15-14  15-15  15-16  15-17  15-18  15-19  15-20

ICD-9 to ICD-10 Approximation click here


Powerpoint Presentations:

Chapter 3 presentation CLICK HERE

Insurance and insurance terms presentation CLICK HERE

Medicare concepts presentation CLICK HERE

Taxonomy Codes CLICK HERE

Making Appointments Powerpoint Click here

HIPAA  Powerpoint Click here

Intro to Medisoft Powerpoint Click here
Entering Medisoft Transactions Powerpoint Click here
Posting RA Payments Powerpoint Click here
Posting RA Payments In MEDISOFT Powerpoint Click here
Ledger Excel Sample Click here
Insurance Math Excel Click here
Collections Powerpoint Click here
Collections Powerpoint 2 Click here
CCI/NCCI-National Correct Coding Initiative Presentation Click here
CCI/NCCI-Instructions from CMS Click here

Modifiers Powerpoint Click here

Medicare Learning Network Classes Click here

ICD-10-CM Powerpoint Click here

CPT Powerpoint Click here

CPT E/M Powerpoint Click here

E/M Computer/Calculator 1995 Rules Click here

Medicare Annual Wellness Visit vs Routine Physical Click here and HERE

 HCPCS Codes

  HCPCS Index Download

  2013 HCPCS Codes 

Great Suggestions for Searching/Researching the Internet 

New Class in MediSoft! 



All students need to submit resumes to their instructor.  The resume should include the SKILLS and Certificate you receive from this class (as if the class is completed).  

You can find some resume templates at this web address (try to keep the completed resume to ONE page!)

Sample Medical Billing Resume Click here



  1. Type your resume in a word processing software.
  2. SAVE it with YOUR NAME as the file name.
  3. Change the FILE TYPE to RICH TEXT FORMAT (.RTF) or .DOC
  4. DO NOT SAVE AS .DOCX... many people (including your TEACHER) cannot open this kind of file.
  5. Attach it to the email using your paperclip or attachment button.
  6. Email it to Mediclaimclass@gmail.com
I will not review resumes submitted in any other format. In an economy where there are hundreds of applications for a job, employers will not mess with difficult to open file formats or scans or pasted resumes which look terrible all splayed out in an email.  If you learn nothing else about your resume, it should be how to send it by email so that it will be received and opened easily!
Go to "File" menu, "SAVE AS" and name your file and under the name, select Rich Text Format (RTF) from the pull-down.  SEE ILLUSTRATION BELOW.  DOCX files will not be accepted or reviewed!
  • Have somebody proof-read your resume, even if you are applying for a non-clerical job.
  •  Keep it to one page, don't list more than 10 years of jobs.  
  • If you don't have much experience, list your skills and put your education first. 
  • Don't list dates on your education. 
  • Write a different "objective" if you are applying for something you haven't done before. 
  • Don't list anything that could lead to ID theft, resumes and applications could end up anywhere. Good luck!
Please refer to "Lotta Skills" in your handout for a resume sample.  If you need more samples, here are two samples of similar resumes (they are medical assistant resumes so remove skills you don't posses, such as phlebotomy):

 Medical Assistant Student Resume Sample

Article:  Ten Things NEVER to Put in Your Resume!

Article: Resume Tips for Older Workers 

Article: Resume Formats (doc? pdf? docx?) 


Extra Credit Discussions:  

You will receive extra credit points (10) for one to two page essays.

The essays should be well researched and should be on one of the topics below.

Factory Farming and Superbugs:


Surprise Medical Debt


The opinions you express should be your own, either for or against, with a well thought out argument and references assumptions (for example: "I think 'such and such' would happen" needs to be explained as to why that would happen and who said that would happen).  References are not necessary if citing a personal experience, just be sure to state it is a personal experience.

If you have another topic you would like to write about, please ask your instructor to approve it first.


Are you covered by Workers Compensation?

Special Rules for Certain Workers

Even if you meet all three of the general eligibility requirements described above, you may not qualify for workers' compensation benefits if you fall into one of the special groups of workers who are exempt from coverage under the workers' compensation laws of some states. The most common exempt categories are covered below. If your employer claims that you fall into one of them and are therefore not entitled to benefits, you may want to speak to an attorney to make sure.

Domestic workers. A domestic worker is someone who works in a home -- such as a housekeeper or a babysitter. Some states don't require employers to cover these types of workers.

Agricultural and farm workers. The majority of states exempt agricultural and farm workers from workers' compensation coverage. Not every person who works on a farm falls into this category, however. For example, a horse trainer is not considered a farm worker when it comes to eligibility for workers' compensation benefits.

Leased or loaned workers. If you were loaned to an employer through an agency (for example, a temp agency), states differ on which company -- the one you did the work for or the agency -- has to provide workers' compensation coverage for you.

Casual or seasonal workers. You are a casual or seasonal worker if you work only at certain times of the year or work only intermittently or sporadically. Some states do not require that casual or seasonal workers be covered by workers' compensation.

Undocumented workers. Some states -- including Arizona, California, Florida, Montana, Nevada, New York, Texas, and Utah -- expressly cover undocumented workers in their workers' compensation statutes. Other states, such as Idaho and Wyoming, expressly exclude undocumented workers. Still other states (such as Colorado) have not yet dealt with the issue, leaving it to the courts to struggle with whether to cover these workers.



Medical Tourism

Interesting website for a company that helps people find affordable medical care outside the USA:http://www.ihtworld.com/about_iht_world.html
This says a lot about the US healthcare system.  The site explains:

So why does health care in other countries cost a fraction of what American health care demands?

Lower cost does NOT mean lower quality. The explanations for reduced health care costs abroad are plentiful. A few reasons are listed below:

  1. In the U.S.A. the price of most health care services, medications, etc. are marked up excessively.

  2. Many foreign governments enforce cost control measures.

  3. In other countries everyone pays into their health care system, which means individual responsibility is enforced. This substantially reduces the cost of health care for all.


The following picture is an opinion piece, and a little extreme, but... how do you feel about the priorities of health care in our nation? 


Harvard University Professor Elizabeth Warren debunks the myth that health insurance provides financial security against medical debt:



Uninsured woman unhappy with lack of care is arrested for trespassing in 

hospital, dies in jail of pulmonary embolism without medical care



 Education is GREAT... but the rule of thumb is: Don't take out student debt that exceeds what you expect to earn your first year out of school!


Pick your college CAREFULLY and sign nothing until you know what you are paying, what it's for and the reputation of that school.


Here's an article about the first "bills of mortality" the ancestor of health demographics and ICD-10!    


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